• What we do

    This is some of our favorite Modern Past Present pieces. Taking things from the past, modernizing them to hang on the wall in the present. Scroll here and see the full process of other projects below

  • Betty

    My Grandmother Betty started this whole project. When she passed away I took 300 of my favorite images of her and made a beautiful canvas piece which I then printed on multiple items of clothing. She was my sweetheart.

  • Josephine

    Josephine Bryan was a celebrated grandmother and travel agent in her life. Her family let me make a piece for her at her funeral and commissioned me to make 3 travel pieces using all of her postcards from around the world. A beautiful memoir for each grandchild to keep.

  • Lester and Dorthy

    My other grandparents passed in the last couple of years and I wanted to do an ode to them. They were a hardworking team that really did most everything together their whole lives. I wanted to represent that in their keepsakes of photos, work attire, and jewelry. Their photos were printed on canvas, wood, and metal along with the sculptural pieces I made of their belongings.

  • Mom’s damaged photos

    I found a block of photos dating back to the late 70’s in my families attic a couple years back. They were literally stuck together from being flood damaged and my mother just couldn’t bare to throw them away. I’m glad she didn’t, because we painstakingly pulled them apart and made a beautiful piece I like to call “vintage”

  • My father

    When my father turned 60 I made a poster for him of pictures from his life. This one was especially fun because we look so much alike through the years. Loves to you dad.

  • My great aunts porcelain

    When Dottie passed away she left a room of finished and unfinished porcelain that she painted. I was the one who couldn’t bare to see them go, instead I decided to take them out of the drawers and turn them into wall hanging art pieces. These pieces look really amazing together:)

  • Ruby Nell Reeves

    My friend Chelsea hired me to make some modern past present pieces for her departed grandmother. We scanned and made 3 different renditions for her and in the end she had some printed on metal. We love doing pieces like this to remember loved ones.

  • My old junk

    I never threw anything away, legos, art, trophies, etc. and after many years you just have to keep storing it somewhere or make something out of it. I decided to make a couple of art pieces that immortalized my childhood. They are big and beautiful.